No Good at Personal Resolutions? Try One Related to Work

It's that time again. Yes, that empty promises time of year when we get a great idea about changing or improving something about ourselves or our lives. It's resolution time!

"And this time, I'll not only make one or two, but I'll stick to them," we say to whomever will listen. But the reality is, we flounder. More than 90 percent of us never keep the promises we make to ourselves, according to an article in Shape Magazine by Jene Luciani.

In The Top 10 Reasons You Don't Stick to Your Resolutions, Luciani notes that the No. 1 reason we don't succeed is because we go it alone. We need a positive influence, a motivator, to inspire us to go the distance.

If you feel in the mood to make some New Year's resolutions for 2019, but you know on your own it's already a lost cause, try something different. Make one or two at work and draw some teammates from your organization. Be sure those teammates are go-getters who won't let you, or each other, ease up until a resolution is met.

Don't be too grandiose. Pick something achievable that won't become a burden or be too big a time commitment. Here are a few ideas to choose from, depending on how big an idea you want to tackle.

If you use QAlert:

A Quick One: I/We will tackle our reporting fears by taking the QAlert Advanced Reporting Class. (You can knock this resolution off in just four hours. It's a piece of cake).

A More Committed One: I/We will spread the news about our service successes. Figure out a few good numbers to release every month online or in a newsletter. (By constantly promoting your citizen service initiative, you'll lead more people to it.)

A Gamechanger: I/We will communicate better with our citizens by (a sustained effort with one of the choices below):

  • Adding notification content to our request types to let people know what they can expect as I/we work on their issues.
  • Crafting some knowledge base articles to share information regarding questions that we always seem to be answering.
  • Making a conscious effort to more often click box next to Notify Submitter to provide more updates about progress I/we are making toward resolution.

If you use QContent or NextGEN for website management:

A Quick One (and scalable): I/we will promote points of interest in our community using our featured tool. Pick one category with four, five or six locations. See how it goes. (If you're satisfied, you're done after an hour or so. If not, and you have more gas in your tank, attach a couple more categories.)

A More Committed One: I/we will start to analyze our existing paper forms, and make a plan to move at least some to electronic versions, thereby reducing paper use and cutting down steps to submit registration, reservations, applications, permits, or anything else.

A Game Changer: I/we will start to write for the Web. With each piece of new content I/we add, we'll write original copy, and not copy from verbose documents. We'll write in short sentences and short paragraphs, including just the basics of what needs to be known.